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Association of Planning Engineers (APE)
The Association of Planning Engineers is the largest professional body for Planning Engineers which originated from England as a non-profit organisation.

Baat Bihar Ki
The people of Bihar have always been known for their adaptability and creative mind, hard labour, complete dedication and ability to be urban. Then why have the last few decades left Bihar in a state of helplessness? There has been no vital change in the last 15 years in Bihar in terms of social and economic development. The situation in Bihar is still the same as it was in 2005.

Banglar Jubo Shakti
Bengal is currently battling with countless challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the large-scale devastation caused by the Cyclone Amphan.

Beatition Training in Varanasi
Beautician from the profession of Sangeeta Sharma has been helping and helping the poor people in the form of a social worker for the last several years as the backward section of society does not get the chance to come forward and do something different. Efforts have been made that all the people become self-reliant, Efforts have been made that all the people become self-reliant.

Biodegradable bag
Biodegradable bag site is concern of CEIMCO Group. Biodegradable site is develop to aware people about plastic products effect on earth and also introduce biodegradable products to save earth.

CSR and Sustainability Needs
Helping you in your path to fight climate change through mix of renewable energy, carbon offset projects & sustainable products. With a mixture of activities, products, and community projects we can give you options that will help you not only fight climate change but also make your colleagues partner in them.

Community Involvement | DoGood Fundraising Solutions
DoGood Fundraising specializes in grant writing services and believes in supporting community members through fundraising and other impactful & networking events.

Fundraising Campaign by Akshaya Patra UK
Each meal costing only 5p, you can help feed a child a healthy school meal for an entire year for just £12. The Akshaya Patra Foundation-children charity in UK strives to tackle the issues of hunger, malnutrition and education.

Goumbook is the main reference on green practices for environmentally conscious people and businesses across the UAE and the Gulf region. It is an organization aiming at raising awareness on Sustainability and Green Living: Goumbook's desire is to create a new global community, uniting experts, organizations, businesses and consumers from the Middle East and North Africa. Goumbook is a Social Enterprise, not a charity neither an NGO.

Hope for All Children
Hope For All Children, an Advocacy NonProfit Organization, is a multi-faceted mission focused on addressing three of the world's greatest injustices in our generation: the #orphanedchildren, the #traffickedchildren, and the #hungrychildren.

Humanity For All
Humanity For All (HFA) is an Australian NGO charity helping and supporting overseas and local families, children and orphans that are seriously disadvantaged and in need.

MDXconcepts began its journey in January 2018. The main motive of the brand became to eliminate the use of chemical pesticides, responsible for more than 200,000 deaths every year and the loss of 200 Million US Dollars for farmers in crops alone.

Magna life
The Magna Life Giving Program will donate planners to veterans in need of a new mission. A purpose-driven mission is so important, and no one understands that more than servicemen and women.

Online Donation to COVID-19 Relief
Donate to our COVID19 food relief fund and help us to reach out to more people. By contributing to the corona food relief package, you can support meals for 100 needy people, who will get healthy and nutritious meals.

Orphan Support By Rahbar Foundation
Rahbar Foundation has been working for orphan children and provide them with healthcare, education opportunities, and protects them from physical and mental exploitation. We try to provide good food and health care with the charity money.

Save a poor child in poverty to bright their future.
So far, we have provided 206,322 cooked food packages. We supported 19,954 households with dry ration. 7,91,733 people were reached through awareness campaigns on the prevention of COVID-19. 70,934 hand-washing supplies were distributed. We provided personal protection equipment (PPE) to 12,446 medical personnel. We distributed 85,267 glove sets and 4,14,138 masks. 30,758 children were supported with Child Protection programming. Cash disbursements/vouchers were given to 12,023 households.

Suicide Prevention Groups
Our mission & vision is to support adults who have been bereaved by suicide by reducing isolation and stigma and promoting resilience and healing.

The Sequal Trust
The Sequal Trust is a communication disability charity that supplies communication devices for disabled people in the UK. In order to receive our help, individuals must sign up to be a member of our charity and if we accept their application we will start a fundraising campaign for the device suggested by a speech and language therapist.

We Reject ADMK
Under the 10-year misrule of ADMK Government, all sections of the society have suffered. Pass the resolution to reject ADMK Government through the website.

curcumin kapslar
We are one of Sweden's largest emergency services that help people living with violence and threats. We have sheltered housing, receptions and a youth shelter. All our work is to help and support you who live in a difficult life situation with psychological, physical, financial and / or sexual violence.

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