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Akshaya Patra Provides Mid day meal to School Children
The Akshaya Patra Foundation is providing the mid-day meal for children in government & government aided schools. Support the organisation to feed more children.

Breast cancer foundation
The Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Outreach Program (MSCOP) is an initiative of MSMF to provide healthcare to people who cannot afford it and who do not otherwise have access to medical facilities or specialist doctors. Counseling caregivers of cancer patients, spreading awareness of cancer and distributing free medicines are a few of the activities of MSCOP.

Business awards
Passengers can taste delicious Turkish meals and drinks on board of the airplanes such as baklava, ayran, rakia and others which convey the spirit of Turkey and builds up the image of the entire country.

Charity boat donations
Who are we? A truly meaningful free way to give to charity, A leader in maximizing the IRS tax deduction of our boat donation clients, The best way to help those in need with a boat donation or any other type of watercraft donation.... We are the nationwide solution for the removal of your boat (junk or not) free of charge while forwarding the benefit of your gifts to those in need.

Coffee Fundraiser
Find the most appropriate method of making money with the help of our coffee fundraiser idea. Here, we ensure to provide great solutions in raising the funds for the needy persons who seeks monetary help. Visit our website for further information.

Cookie Dough Fundraising Ideas
Find the best cookie dough fundraising ideas for the charities and organizations with unique opportunities. We offer a hassle-free cookie dough, handling and distribution service without any additional cost in a simple and effective way.

Donate computers to children in need
Computer Donation and Laptop donations benefit Computers with Causes charity organization in the United States. Our charity Computer Donation program participates in a zero-waste recycling program. New and used Computer Donations appreciated. All charity Computer Donations and iPad donations are tax deductible and support wonderful charitable causes!

Donation in India
Smile Foundation formed in 2002 by a group of corporate professionals who, decided to finance, handhold and support genuine grassroots initiatives targeted at providing education and health to underprivileged children.

Educational NGO Organization In hyderabad
An educated society walks into the path of socio-political enlightenment. Every child has the right to education and Sri Sai Oral Healthcare strongly is committed to imparting education to every child. Through our donations, we have renovated several government schools in the villages of Andhra and Telangana. We provide schools with libraries and other necessary facilities required for a student to get a quality education.

Elder Care
We help senior citizens lead active lives through various productive ageing and social support services. A generous help from you can go a long way in bringing cheer and joy to the lives of elders.

Harvest for Humanity
Empowering Children to Achieve Their Potential by ensuring they have a safe home, health, an education and life skills.

How do you Hug
HowDoYouHug transforms expressions of love into real-world comfort for children in need. With each Hug-O-Meter milestone reached, GUND will donate 100 stuffed animals to charitable organizations.

If only you could turn your dreams into actual experiences. IfOnly provides just that: unique, personalized experiences hosted by amazing luminaries in the fields of food, wine, golf and more. In addition, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to charity.

Mahendra Trivedi – the Master of Transformation
Mahendra Trivedi is gifted with the power of transformation of the divine, and he is utilizing his power in the favor of all living organisms.

Organization with an aim to eliminate Kidney Failure
If you are seeking place to donate your kidney then you are most welcome in our organization. Your decision can save the life of a patient who has Kidney Failure. Your one sensible decision can be turning point for another.

Social Welfare Trust Pollachi | Suvikaaram Foundation Pollachi |
Fugen trust is a Social welfare organization in Pollachi. Our Activities are done under the banner name of Suvikaaram pollachi which includes planting trees, Blood Donation, Plastic Free, Conserving water, Conserve animals, creating awareness to build a better society. Overall we aims to reduce our ecological foot print to save our future generation.

Swedish-Georgian Society
A non-profit friendship organization between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Caucasian Republic of Georgia.

Tree Plantation & Reforestation in Luxembourg | The Tree Hub
The Tree Hubs come forward to support tree plantation project by running tree plantation contests, & offering tree planting games online! Join our Community!

United Way of Rock River Valley
United Way of Rock River Valley continues to support and care for our community. If you need assistance or would like to volunteer please call today!

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