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Advocating for human rights: Goodworks NGO
With the objective of uplifting and bringing the right to education to everyone who does not have access to it, GoodWorks Trust NGO has been working non-stop for more than a decade. We encourage you to join us in our purpose. Any contribution is neither too small nor too big. Join us in making the lives of these underprivileged children a better place.

Ambedkar Rajaneethi
We got Independence in August 1947. Our constitution which came into existence in January 1950 gave us Freedom, equality and fraternity which are the pillars of democracy.

Best NGO in Ghaziabad
The Seva Group Foundation is one of the best NGOs for several causes. Our initiatives include working with the underprivileged, providing necessities and health care and empowering women and girls. We have a strong presence in the communities we serve, and our work positively impacts the lives of those we touch.

Best Ngo For Children
Child Help Foundation interacts with different medical specialty departments of various hospital partners on a regular basis to track down updates on underprivileged children who need emergency medical treatment. We also endorse an appeal from other hospitals, other families of underprivileged patients and NGO's for Emergency Medical Support.

CSR and Sustainability Needs
Helping you in your path to fight climate change through mix of renewable energy, carbon offset projects & sustainable products. With a mixture of activities, products, and community projects we can give you options that will help you not only fight climate change but also make your colleagues partner in them.

Community Involvement | DoGood Fundraising Solutions
DoGood Fundraising specializes in grant writing services and believes in supporting community members through fundraising and other impactful & networking events.

Connections Inc
Connections is a not-for-profit community service organisation that provides individual disability support, training, programs and advocacy in mental health and wellbeing. Connections vision is to Improve Mental Health and support people with Disability in the Community and achieves this by providing relevant evidence-based learning and life skill development programs that assist in the facilitation of recovery.

Domestic Violence Services by Women for Women
Do You Need Domestic Violence Support in Parramatta, Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Penrith or Western Sydney? DV West services are provided by women, for women and children.

Eamo Health Foundation
Through empowerment programs, we seek to have a positive impact on the lives of women and children in Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia, and Cameroon.

Grace For All Nations, Inc.
There are things we presently take for granted but which others still dream of having. When we look beyond ourselves, we start to see what others need. Millions of people are struggling to provide themselves with basic needs such as three meals per day, clean drinking water, shelter, and protection from abuse.

Humanity For All
Humanity For All (HFA) is an Australian NGO charity helping and supporting overseas and local families, children and orphans that are seriously disadvantaged and in need.

In-Vest USA
In-Vest USA is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Columbia that raises funds to distribute free bulletproof vests and equipment to first responders in communities across America.

Non-Profit Organization in Billerica, MA
America Friends of Searchlight Mamfe AFOSMA is a non-profit organization, providing quality education for underprivileged children. Call us!

OneStepTowardsPeace (OSTP)
OneStepTowardsPeace (OSTP) is a Non-Government Organization welfare society. Our vision is to reduce global warming, remove carbon footprint, and implement reforestation programs. One Step Towards Peace aims to plant two lakh saplings on 5th June 2025.

Sanjog | Social Impact Organization in India
Sanjog is a Social Impact organisation that leverages on research, policy and praxis. It enables youth and survivor leadership, gender & sexuality rights, and stands for community-led transformations in laws, policies and social norms. Sanjog believes in speaking for the self, passing the mic, and being more than just our stories/ narratives.

Satya Shakti Foundation | NGO in Delhi
Satya Shakti Foundation is usually non profit organization. NGO mainly work for child rights, poverty, Sanitation and Hygiene, Health and Nutrition, Women Empowerment and Literacy and Education. It help the people who are ill and not able to help themselves. They provide ordo every possible thing to help the society. The main aim of satya shakti foundation is to provide better education and help to needy people. Satya Shakti Foundation play the major role in healthcare sector of the country.

Top NGO in India | Anudip Foundation | NGO skill development
Anudip Foundation helps transform lives by providing aspirational livelihoods through digital inclusion in emerging economies. We are a nonprofit company ...

Traceable Giving Foundation | Rural Education Development | NGO
Traceable Giving Foundation - Hong Kong was created with a vision to understand and cater to the needs of the underprivileged and provide them with guidance, opportunity, and financial support so that they can turn their dreams into reality.

Why Charity Running Events Prove To Be Quite Beneficial For You?
There are many benefits to participating in a charity running event. If you are looking for the best Charity Running Events near Me in the UK, then you are in the right direction. After the small fees associated with your participation in the race team are deducted, the money you raise will be mostly profit, which will go directly to the charity, providing a welcome boost to their donations.

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