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Anthology Of Short Stories And Poems II by Brian Clements
This new book continues the adventures of Private Detective Jack Donavon of the “If I Could See” series as he continues to search for the person who caused his hearing loss. This leads Jack back to Florida where he meets his attacker and must fight him or be killed. Jack also works with unusual clients who get him in all sorts of problems and different situations.

Best Books for TNTET Paper 1 | TNTET Paper 1 Books
Best Reference books for TNTET Exam Paper 1 & 2 through Online at best prices. It covers all topics with Question and Answers as per the latest syllabus.

Buy/Sell Books Online, Best Place To Buy Second Hand Books Online
What's in your story is best pace to buy books online as we have multiple ranges of books according to your needs. Best part is you can buy or sell second hand books.

Can't Hobble The Elephant by Francis
Can't Hobble the Elephant is about Josh O'Donnell's story during the Civil War, where he is on the run from the Union army, the very army in which he served so loyally. The young man finds work on a West Texas ranch, where his fellow riders wonder where a boyish-faced youth from Philadelphia learned to ride and shoot so well—and how such an amiable young man can transform into a violent, ruthless killer.

Free Ebooks
A site that brings both authors and readers into the world of free legal ebooks. Authors with their ebooks will benefit greatly from the large community of readers.

God Cares, But Do We?
In God Cares, But Do We?, Mensah draws upon his own experiences to show how the root of suffering is mistreating our fellow men and women.

Lets write book together
Authors are a book's most important marketers. Once you have contributed to a book, start spreading the word about your book within your networks. Let your circle know what you are writing, and why they may want to pre-order a copy for themselves.

Margaret Bennett
I write sweet historical romances set in the Regency era (1811-1811) that feature strong heroines and noblemen, many who are spies for the Crown. I also strive to sprinkle humour in with intrigue and light romance.

Ryan D. Patterson Sr
Ryan D. Patterson Sr. Published Author, Spoken Work & Poetry, First novel released... Whose Fault! Released August 7th, 2021. Second novel (Financial Stay of Execution), due to be released holiday season 2021. Writing has been a passion of mines for years, and with over 20 novels written (all of them not released), I look forward to the future of being an published author.

The Secret Empress
Joe Wilder is focused on turning a successful bodybuilding career into a billion-dollar international health and fitness conglomerate. He thinks he's safely left behind his dangerous past as a CIA field agent—except for nightmares about gunfire, screams, and holding the lifeless body of a boy he cannot save.

Tianna Attends The Magical Art Show
Fly to Daisy Ville with Tianna the T-shirt Artist Fairy. There's an art show happening there, and Tianna is excited to explore and meet other artists. But when Tianna arrives, she notices that not many visitors are paying attention to the artwork. She is determined to meet the artists and come up with a plan to help them get noticed. With her talents as a T-shirt artist and some fairy dust, she sets out to make it happen.

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